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  • Canada Work Permit

    In order to get work in Canada most foreign workers required work permit for Canada. The work permit for foreigners employees is an offer letter and LMIA (labor market impact assessment) issued by the Canadian employer as per the role of Canadian Government. We are here to complete your file as per requirement of Canadian employer. We are here to provide you the Offer Letter and LMIA from Canadian employer. As an immigration consultant we are here to give you expert advice within particular field.

  • Canada PR

    Any immigrant with Canada PR visa can work and live in Canada with no stay limit. PR visa holders automatically attain right to live, work & study anywhere in Canada. The PR visa holders can also apply for Canadian citizenship. The other benefits of Canadian PR visa include healthcare and social benefits.

  • Canada Spouse

    Any Canadian citizen or permanent residency holder can avail Spouse Sponsorship program to sponsor his / her partner to be in Canada as permanent resident. This visa category allows the spouse to not only visit Canada but also work and settle permanently in Canada.

  • Canada PR Visa
    Point Calculator

    The best way to migrate to Canada as Federal Skilled Worker is via Express Entry Point System. This basically computes your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Points total. This is calculated on two different sections i.e. Core & Additional. The total number of points can be obtained under these sections is 600.

  • Express Entry for
    Federal Skilled Worker

    Canada Express Entry is the unique program in Canadian Immigration System. This has provided Canadian government with an opportunity to choose skilled immigrants. It can now invite into the country from a pool of aspirants vying for place in the last selected batch of qualified candidates.


  • Skilled Migrant Visa

    Skilled Migrant Visa also known as Australia Skilled Independent Immigration Visa Subclass 189 is permanent visa for all individuals having knowledge of in demand skill set. This is basically works on Point Based System. This type of visa does not fall under sponsored category. The holder of Skilled Migrant Visa is entitled to reside in Australia along with working anywhere in Australia. You need to have invite from concerned organization in order to apply for this via.

  • Spouse Visa

    Any Australian citizen or holder of permanent resident visa can avail facility to sponsor his / her family to visit Australia and settle here. This allows their partners to live and work in Australia. The only requirement is a minimum of two years genuine relationship between partners. Initially the sponsored spouse / partner will be provided with two years of temporary visa. He / She are also entitled to work in Australia during this two year. The partner can apply for permanent residency after two years of waiting period.

  • Temporary Work Visa

    Temporary Work Visa subclass 457 enables qualified professionals to visit Australia and offer their services to any authorized business house for a maximum period of 4 years. Temporary Work Visa holder can also invite their families to stay with them and also their family can work and study during their stay in Australia. The visa holders can visit Australia during any number of times they wish to during visa period.

  • Visit Visa

    The visit visa / tourist visa (subclass 600) is essential for any individual to enter Australia as a tourist or visitor. The visa is allowed for a limited period of time. However there are multiple options to choose from. You can apply for this visa if in case you wish to visit Australia for the purpose of vacation or visiting friends or family.

United Kingdom

  • Entrepreneur Visa

    Entrepreneur Visa is the best route to UK Tier 1 visa with quicker settlement along with other benefits. Standard financial threshold is GBP 200,000. Business partners of valid entrepreneur visa’s are also allowed entering United Kingdom provided they have accessibility to joint funds. Major investors are also allowed to stay up to the maximum of 180 days out of country. The limit was only 90 days earlier.

  • Investor Visa

    UK Tier 1 Investor Visa can be availed by large scale investors. GBP 1 m needs to be held in regulated financial institution. The settlement provided in this category is to be for 5 years. However anyone investing GBP 10 million is allowed to settle after 2 years.

  • Visit Visa

    The UK visit visa / tourist visa is essential for any individual to enter UK as a tourist or visitor. The visa is allowed for a limited period of time. However there are multiple options to choose from. You can apply for this visa if in case you wish to visit UK for the purpose of vacation or visiting friends or family.

  • Talent Visa

    The UK Talent visa is limited to 1000 places only. Exceptionally talented individuals can avail this facility. The only and most important condition is for applicant to be exceptionally talented and globally recognized. The English of applicant can be of intermediate level however he / she has to be economically active in his /her niche.

New Zealand

  • Skilled Immigration

    New Zealand Skilled immigration program provides with a resident visa that allows you to live, work and study in New Zealand. PBS also known as point based system is used by New Zealand immigration to asses’ expression of interests.

  • Resident Visa

    New Zealand Business Migration visa encourages individuals to invest in New Zealand economy. Anyone interested to apply under this category has to invest over a period of three years a minimum of NZ$ Ten Million. This enables an individual to migrate to New Zealand with family as a permanent resident.

  • Entrepreneur Work Visa

    Any professional who can provide evidence of NZ$ 100,000 to invest as funds in business can apply for this category provided he / she can share detailed business plan. Along with this the applicant has to meet requirement of having 120 points on the points scale. This category of visa allows individual to travel to and from New Zealand and also he / she can apply for residence.

  • Study Visa

    Colleges and Universities in New Zealand accept IELTS as proof of English proficiency. However TOFEL is also considered by immigration and most of the universities to test student’s English language ability. NZ$ 15,000 is the minimum that any student has to provide as evidence of funds upfront as his living expenses for first year. A telephonic interview is conducted once visa application is successfully submitted.

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Permanent Immigration

Permanent residency or immigration is a term given to any individual’s residential status in a country where he / she is not citizen. Permanent resident status never expires. Permanent residency allows residents to have same right as citizens except voting. Although in some country’s it is allowed for individuals with permanent residency status to vote. All permanent residency status holders can apply for country’s citizenship after a specific period of time.

Temprorary Immigration

All other type of visas except Permanent Residency visa falls under this category. An individual having visit visa, study visa or business visa can be said to have provided with TEMPORARY IMMIGRATION by the country of his / her visit. Different country’s have different policies and guidelines to issue temporary visa. The duration of temporary visa depends on the type of visa an individual has applied for.